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Web Site Development and maintenance

Although we offer a one-stop shop in terms of the entire lifecycle of an on-line venture - from business strategy and marketing through to Web hosting and deployment our core competencies lie in the design and delivery of sites that interact with a user rather than simply present pages of static information that have been manually edited and published from one of hundreds of PC tools that are capable of creating sites.

Interactive web sites allow surfers to "do things" and the as the name implies they allow surfers to interact through the web site with your company. Creating an interactive web site can often mean that the site owner has to invest time and resource into integrating the site with their business but that is where the real benefits are to be gained.

Your web site can be acting as the gateway to your customers 24 hours per day, 7 days per week when the integration between the web and what is often referred to as "back office" systems are achieved.

The key to achieving the benefits in the long-term is to start simple. Do not attempt to turn your business "on-line" overnight because there are too many problems that will attack you from all sides. If technology and application issues aren't the first to bite then the people issues will be. Individuals all have their own limits to adoption and mastery of changes to their working environment, skills and responsibilities.

We have a combined tenure of 35 years of making people, projects and Information Technology work together within all sizes of business to achieve business goals through innovative though prgamatic exploitation of diverse technologies.

By listening to our customers and fully understanding their needs and aspirations we have created software which allows your web site to be delivered with both value for money and flexibility for the future. Because our sites are dynamically presented to surfers we can make them interact in useful and intelligent ways that are simply not possible with static web sites.

If you already know that you need more than a simple, static web site or you just want to talk through what an interactive web site could do for your business then call us Simple contact form or send us details about what you want to do and we will be delighted to talk about your business and how we can exploit technology to make it do what you need to do.

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